North Black Forest
North Black Forest

North Black Forest

The North Black Forest region is situated between two metropolis regions. In a region where 56 percent of the 2,340 square kilometres are wooded, tradition and continuity prevail. But the population could not be further from being yokels.

"Breathtakingly diverse" – that is the region's official slogan. The North Black Forest region lives this statement in three rural districts and one urban district. As the name insinuates, it is the northern part of the largest German low mountain range. Accordingly, the landscape is mainly characterised by mountains and forest.

As an area between the Stuttgart and Karlsruhe metropolis regions, the North Black Forest can benefit from the infrastructures of both cities. The 603,000 inhabitants do enjoy the calmness and beauty of the region, but they can quickly get to the federal motorway network and the two expanding airports. Furthermore, the region is well connected and linked by the railway system.

The high tourist numbers prove that the Black Forest is a restful place: More than 2.7 million guests annually stay in the North Black Forest region. There are sufficient reasons for that. For instance, you can go hiking and cycling in the summer. In the winter, the slopes and valleys are used for winter sports. On the cultural level, numerous theatres, concert halls, museums, castles, cloisters and gardens inspire the visitors. Furthermore, the North Black Forest region has an excellent gastronomy. The small town of Baiersbronn is considered Germany’s gourmet mecca: as many as two 3-star restaurants are resident here.

The economic structure in the North Black Forest region is shaped by a strong medium-sized business. The high part of owner-operated enterprises and a high part of handicraft companies are characteristic. In total, 17 international market leaders are resident in the region. The legendary Fischer dowel was also invented here by the way. The key industries of the region focus on precision engineering, plastic engineering, medical and dental technology as well as health and tourism. The industrial emphasis is in Pforzheim – the centre of the German jewelry, clock and watch industry.

Clusters have developed in particular for the above-mentioned key industries and the creative industry. More than other regions, the North Black Forest recognizes the heterogeneity as a chance for an integrated and sustainable regional development.

For students, there are good possibilities in the North Black Forest region: there is one university, a campus of the Baden-Württemberg dual university and two non-state universities. There are further university offers in the Stuttgart and Karlsruhe conurbations at close quarters.

Numerous medium-sized family enterprises in the region attach great importance to innovations and invest above average in research and development.

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