Nature, culture, technology – those are the strengths of the largest Baden-Württemberg region Heilbronn-Franconia. The concept of the region is the concentration on innovation and networking.

Today, about 913,000 inhabitants live in the fertile Triassic limestone shaped landscape that reaches up to the borders of Bavaria. With 4,765 square kilometers, Heilbronn-Franconia is not only the largest region, but also represents a growing and dynamic region nationwide. Above-average population growth, increase in jobs as well as new emphases in housing construction safeguard the future potential of the region.

Furthermore, the region is excellently connected to the infrastructure. An all compassing highway (A3, A6, A7, A81) and railway system secures the connection to the nearby metropolis regions of Stuttgart, Mannheim, Frankfurt and Würzburg. The Main harbor Wertheim and the Neckar harbor in Heilbronn provide access to the federal waterway. The latter is not only the biggest inland harbor off the Rhine, but, thanks to the Neckar, a centre of attraction for water sportsmen, walkers and people looking for recreation in the entire region. Due to the variety of offers, culture lovers will also find what they are looking for. Another tip for gourmets: Heilbronn-Franconia has a diverse culinary offer and of course the biggest producing area of red wine in Germany.

Like the entire region, the economy also grew historically and shows a marked industry mix. The production sector constitutes a special emphasis – it is strongly represented in the state comparison. About 43 percent of the regional enterprises are in the secondary sector and the predominant part are well-led family companies with long-term strategies, high privately owned capital rates and export parts of frequently more than 50 percent. Furthermore, they invest in research and development in a future-oriented and above average way. By steady improvement, they made a name for themselves, particularly in small market segments: The Heilbronn-Franconia region has the highest density of international market leaders nationwide.

Furthermore, conurbations of the following industies are also found in the region: automotive, plastics technology / processing, lab glass, medical technology, metal processing, assembly / fixing systems, paper processing, environmental technology, fans / ventilation technology, packaging technology.

In the comparison of the Baden-Württemberg regions in the field of the university landscape, Heilbronn-Franconia cannot keep up yet so far, but all signs point out that this deficit will be eliminated in the next years: Increasing student numbers not only confirm the attractiveness of the teaching offer, but also the excellent study conditions. Furthermore, the close cooperation of the educational facilities with the regional economy takes a central role. The region has one university with four locations as well as one dual and private university each.

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