In an inquiry, 85 percent of the inhabitants declared that they are satisfied with their life:
The transnational Danube-Iller region is one of the happiest regions in Germany.

The Danube-Iller border region is located in the east of Baden-Württemberg. It consists of a Baden-Württemberg and a Bavarian part. The first part takes up a surface of 2,887, the entire region an area of around 5,460 square kilometres. 525,000 respectively 1,017,000 satisfied inhabitants live there.

Ulm, regional metropolis and administrative seat of the region, offers an excellent connection to the Stuttgart and Munich metropolis regions. The federal motorways A8 and A7 as well as the wide federal road network cross-link the more rural areas. Furthermore, the Danube twin city is connected to the rapid train railway network. The regional traffic is well developed. It is connected to the air traffic via the nearby cities of Stuttgart and Munich. Regionally classified between the Swabian Alb and the Allgäu, the Danube-Iller region offers a high degree of quality of life. This is due to a healthy mixture of urbanisation in the regional metropolises and district centres and to the rural structures.

Correspondingly, outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and water sports suggest themselves. Furthermore, the region and the surrounding area offer an abundance of health resorts, thermal springs and spas. Culture lovers will find theater and open air theatres and particularly baroque cloisters and renaissance castles in the region.

The economy in the Danube-Iller region is medium-sized and strongly characterised by industry. A special strength of the region is the interplay of politics, business, administration and universities. Furthermore, the region is one of the most innovative and most dynamic regions in the federal state with a high economic performance. Correspondingly, Danube-Iller has a very high employment rate and an above-average employment density.

Most employees work in the mechanical engineering, followed by the key industries of metal processing and the pharmaceutical industry. Clusters and corresponding initiatives have furthermore established around the industries of biotechnology and logistics. Known companies in the region are Liebherr, Ratiopharm, Boehringer Ingelheim and Magirus.

The innovation strength and dynamics of the region are owed to two factors: On the one hand, highly innovative enterprises are resident here, on the other hand, there is a marked research landscape, consisting of universities and non-university research institutions. Students can find one university, two colleges as well as the subsidiary of a distance university in the Danube-Iller region. The research emphases are strongly concentrated in the fields of natural science and science of humanities. A great number of institutions founded at the university enlarge the research portfolio.

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