East Württemberg
East Württemberg

East Württemberg

In the east of the federal state, the East Württemberg region soars on the mountains of the Swabian Alb. The region offers "room for talents and patents", because here, the number of patent applications per inhabitant is above average.

Sited favorably in the triangle between Stuttgart, Ulm and Nuremberg, the East Württemberg region extends over 2,139 square kilometres and is the home of 447,000 inhabitants. Here you find forests, meadows, valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes – anything but lowland.

The region benefits from the three big conurbations around it. East Württemberg is easy to access via the A7 motorway and its proximity to the A8 motorway. Also, the railway system is well developed. With the Stuttgart airport and the Munich airport, two international air traffic centres are in accessible proximity.

East Württemberg convinces with a high quality of life. A low particulate matter emission, many sun hours and historic sights contribute to the East Württemberg feel-good location. Here, stone-age cave paintings are found just the same as roman settlements, medieval ruins, baroque castles and of course testimonials of the latest architecture. Furthermore, particularly hikers and walkers will find what they are looking for on the complex hiking trail network.

The economic structure in the East Württemberg region is shaped by a strong medium-sized business. In the comparison of the Baden-Württemberg regions, it becomes clear, however, that the part of enterprises is considerably higher in the secondary sector than in the remaining regions. Also, the average patent applications in East Württemberg are above average. Market leaders resident in the region, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as young and dynamic start-ups are responsible for this. Also, far more hidden champions can be found in the region proportionally than usual in Baden-Württemberg. Besides these, a great number of global players is also resident here, e.g. Bosch, Henkel, Triumph, SHW and Siemens.

Key industies around which clusters have formed have developed historically and correspondingly diverse. The following industries have established in particular: automotive, energy, forest and wood, creative economy, mechanical engineering, logistics, surface technology and photonics.

As the slogan "room for talents and patents" hypothesizes, creativity and innovation are the strengths of the East Württemberg region. A total of two universities, a pedagogic university and a dual university, are resident in the region. Besides, two distance universities have a subsidiary here. In addition, more than 20 Steinbeis transfer centres and a great number of research institutions are resident in the surroundings and offer a good basis for successful innovations.

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