Baden-Württemberg Location

Baden-Württemberg is one of the leading economic regions in Germany and Europe with large-scale enterprise such as Daimler, Porsche, Bosch, Festo and SAP as well as thousands of successful small and medium-sized companies with innovative capacity and inventive spirit, with a high productivity and a low unemployment rate. An attractive location for your investment!
The inhabitants of Baden-Württemberg always knew how to make a virtue out of necessity. A country without natural raw materials needs people with good ideas. This way, the federal state has achieved to become the patent record holder and largest exporter in Germany. The southwest is the innovation region number one in Europe. Nowhere else are new products and procedures invented more meticulously than here. As much as 5.8 percent of the gross domestic product are invested in research and development (year 2019), which puts Baden-Württemberg in a top position in Germany and Europe. Nowhere else in Germany are as many patents per person applied for than here (122 patent applications per annum per 100,000 inhabitants in 2021). Numerous inventions from Baden-Württemberg changed the world: first and foremost, the automobile invented in 1886, however also everyday things such as folders, matches, photo copiers, dowels, the electrical drilling machine and even the ski lift.

Global Market Leaders
more than 400
Patent Applications (2021)
122 per 100,000 inhabitants
R&D Expenditure (2019)
EUR 30.3 billion

"Choosing the right location is very important for every company. For all of us — especially those seeking a career — choosing a place to call home is just as important. Here in Baden-Württemberg, everyone can find the right environment: both companies and skilled workers. Baden-Württemberg welcomes you!

Here, innovation is a tradition — our region is the most innovative in the EU. Baden-Württemberg is Germany’s top location for research and development. More than five percent of the region’s gross domestic product is invested in research and development every year — by both the private and public sectors. With an efficient, comprehensive system of sharing knowledge and technology, we actively support the creation of innovative, sustainable products and services.

But Baden-Württemberg can boast more than just a strong economy — it is a highly livable place with cosmopolitan residents. Southwestern Germany offers appealing landscapes, such as the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Swabian mountains, but also famous, popular cities and towns. Baden-Württemberg also has colourful and extensive cultural offerings, mineral baths and outstanding cuisine. See for yourself. You’ll feel right at home in Baden-Württemberg."


Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut MdL,
Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism of the State of Baden-Württemberg