Baden-Württemberg is one of the biggest and most important traffic centre points in Germany – due to its central situation and the good infrastructure. Therefore, maintenance and further expansion the infrastructure in the state are very important to the German federal government and the federal states.

Baden-Württemberg has an efficient traffic infrastructure for all means of transportation, whether overland, on the street or rail, by water or in the air. The linking of different traffic routes in the so-called multi-purpose traffic optimally exploits the various transportation infrastructure possibilities of Baden-Württemberg.


  • Traffic carrier street: Baden-Württemberg has an efficient road network with more than 26,500 kilometers. This ensures excellent connections to European economic centres and rapid and simple connections to individual cities and regions within the federal state.

  • Traffic carrier rail: Both for the international and for the national rail traffic, the Baden-Württemberg railway network is of high importance. Both the passenger traffic and the freight traffic benefit from the about 3,800 kilometers of the Deutsche Bahn (German railway) and another approximately 1,200 kilometers of railway network.

  • Traffic carrier water: Within the state, an approx. 550 kilometer long, well developed, coherent network of waterways is available for the industrial inland navigation on Rhein, Neckar and Main. At the biggest German federal waterway – the Rhein – the Baden-Württemberg harbors Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Kehl, Breisach and Weil am Rhein are situated. In the nationwide comparison of states, the ten harbors achieve the second-largest cargo shipment in Baden-Württemberg in total in the inland navigation. They furthermore provide three of the ten biggest inland harbors in Germany.

  • Traffic carrer air: The three Baden-Württemberg traffic airports in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Friedrichshafen as well as 18 commercial airports make the logistics location fit for the future.

  • Combined traffic: Due to the optimum linking of the rail, water and road traffic carriers, the specific advantages of the logistics nodes in Baden-Württemberg are further improved.


For further information, refer to the Ministry for Traffic of the state of Baden-Württemberg.