Energy and Environmental Technology

Energy and Environmental Technology

Leading the way in the expansion of renewable energies, environmentally friendly production techniques, innovative technologies for resource efficiency – Baden-Württemberg has a strong position in the energy and environmental technology.

Environmental technologies are found in many different industries as cross-sectional technologies as a part of the actual core business. In Baden-Württemberg, many enterprises concentrate on energy-efficient procedures, but also on energy savings and the avoidance of emissions by production-integrated or downstream methods.

With innovative products, processes and services, industry, trade and commerce promote the change to an environmentally compatible and sustainable economic management. This development is strengthened by the declared goal of the central government of intensifying the resource efficiency.

Numerous Baden-Württemberg clusters and networks with actors from the different areas of the environmental technology bundle up synergies, stimulate innovations and create new market potentials for enterprises resident in the state. This kind of cluster platforms is actively supported in Baden-Württemberg in order to intensify the dialog between business and science and in order to strengthen the competition and export ability for environmental technologies from the German southwest this way.

In the regional Baden-Württemberg clusters of environmental technologies and energy management, a great number of companies and renowned research and education institutions dealing with the emphases of energy and material efficiency, environmental and energy concepts for regions, renewable energy, bio-economics and classical environmental technology is networked.

Exemplary industry institutions:

With more than 70 universities and more than 100 non-university research institutions, Baden-Württemberg belongs to the top science locations in Germany. Teaching and research are at the highest level. The environmental technologies and energy management energy benefit from that as well.

The universities offer numerous courses of studies in this area and ensure a highly qualified junior staff. A great number of excellent research institutions in the state deals with topics such as mobile and stationary energy storage, environmental design, renewable energy management and contribute to the innovation leadership of the energy and environmental technology in Germany with their basic research and application development. This intense cooperation between business and science as well as the smooth knowledge transfer are important success factors of the Baden-Württemberg environmental technologies and energy management.

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Fact Sheet Environmental Technology Baden-Württemberg

Smart energy systems, environmentally friendly production techniques and innovative technologies for resource efficiency – Baden-Württemberg is a leading location in environmental technologies and climate protection. Find more information about the environmental technology industry in Baden-Württemberg here.

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