Studying & Researching

With more than 70 universities and more than 100 non-university research institutions, Baden-Württemberg belongs to the top science locations in Germany. Teaching and research are closely interknit: The results of the research activity flow back into the teaching and ensure the high level of training this way.

Baden-Württemberg offers the best possible perspectives for studies and working life – with the highest university density and the most diverse university landscape throughout Germany – on a high level. As many as four of eleven excellence universities nationwide are located in Baden-Württemberg. Besides the universities, there are universities for applied sciences, the Baden-Württemberg dual university (DHBW), pedagogic universities, art and music universities and private universities. For an overview, refer to the StudyMap.

Success does not come by chance: Also, no other state nationwide offers such a variety of educational facilities, non-university research institutions, universities and transfer centres, some of them of highest international rank. This way, Baden-Württemberg ranks among the top science locations in Germany and with its research landscape, it secures a clear margin in global competition.

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Universities of Excellence
4 (out of 11 in Germany)
Different Study Courses
over 2,660
Research Institutions
over 100