06 12 2019

Two companies from Baden-Württemberg promoted to the M-Dax

According to a report by FAZ.NET, Varta and Teamviewer, two companies from Baden-Württemberg in the German Southwest, are promoted to the M-Dax. The two companies each made a relatively rapid climb in the stock market.

The Göppingen-based company Teamviewer produces software for remote computer maintenance and for video conferencing and went public only in September 2019. It was the largest IPO of a technology company in Germany since the dotcom boom at the turn of the millennium. The battery manufacturer Varta from Ellwangen had already gone public in 2017. In 2019, the share price rose by around 390 percent. The company recently made headlines on the battery market thanks to its surprising comeback: The rechargeable microbatteries from the technology and innovation leader from Baden-Württemberg are used by Bose, Amazon, Plantronics and Apple. 

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