29 10 2021

Baden-Württemberg becomes "THE LÄND": The German Southwest launches new umbrella brand marketing campaign

With its new marketing campaign, Baden-Württemberg positions itself nationally and internationally as "THE LÄND" - a leading location for technology and innovation that also offers a high quality of life and attractive job opportunities.

"This gives us a new, strong brand that will also have international appeal and set new standards," said Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann at the presentation of the new marketing campaign at the Stuttgart harbour. The core of the new umbrella brand is the state’s duality, which is to be played as a both/and mechanism. Thus, Baden-Württemberg stands not only for high technology, innovation and economic power, but also for enjoyment, joie de vivre and sustainability.

The impetus for the new, internationally oriented marketing campaign had been brought to the state government by enterprises from Baden-Württemberg, among others. In a European-wide, two-stage tendering process with renowned advertising agencies, the agencies Jung von Matt NECKAR together with Milla und Partner were able to win with their idea of "Baden-Württemberg – THE LÄND“. Apart from representatives from the ministries, business and science also the state agency Baden-Württemberg International and experts from the advertising industry were involved in the selection process.

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs, underlined the current challenges for Baden-Württemberg as a business location and the need to rebrand it internationally. "Baden-Württemberg is the state of thinkers and makers! Therefore, we want to be attractive for people from outside who think like we do, but also for those who can bring in new mentalities and a breath of fresh air: as ambitious scientists, as specialists of all kinds and, of course, as investors who consciously decide in favour of the location Baden-Württemberg according to their entrepreneurial goals," said the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Source: State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg

Further information: https://www.thelaend.de/en/

Baden-Württemberg becomes "THE LÄND": The German Southwest launches new umbrella brand marketing campaign

Source: Baden-Württemberg International